Body Image
Loving What You See

A person with a positive body image is a person comfortable with his or her size and shape based on his or hers perception of image, not based on external guidelines set up by the current world's requirements as to the perfect body.

A negative image is produced from a distorted perception of our size and shape when we compare our body to others, and feel shame and anxiety because of this comparison.

Being unhappy with your body can affect how you think and feel about yourself as a person and can lead to emotional distress, low self-esteem, unhealthy dieting, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

Developing a positive image and a healthy mental attitude is crucial to happiness and wellness with ourselves.


Some people think they need to change how they look or act to portray a good body image and feel good about themselves. But actually all you need to do is change the way you see your body and how you think about yourself.

The first thing to do is to recognize that your body is your own, no matter what size shape or color. You are unique and that is what is exciting.

Everyone, including the perfect model or celebrity has things about themselves they can't change and need to accept -like height or shoe size.

If there are things you want to change, research options before making any rash decisions and consider if changes such as silicone implants or liposuction will really make you feel better about yourself.


There are some simple steps we can take to improve our perception of our body image, such as: using a sunbed, skincare, or teeth whitening. And there are common activities we can participate in such as exercising to get fit; or how about an enzymatic sea mud wrap; or maybe a collagen facial which can also help with our image and help us feel good about ourselves.

When you hear negative comments coming from within yourself, tell yourself to stop and try building your self-esteem by giving yourself compliments instead.

By focusing on the good things you do and the positive aspects of your life, you can change how you feel about yourself.


What can you do to improve your body image?

  • De-emphasize weight: Don't get hung up on numbers, weight isn't the best indicator of health or fitness. There is no such thing as one "ideal body weight" based on your height. Each one of us has a healthy weight based on our body type, bone structure, muscle mass, genetics, etc.
  • Don't get wrapped up in muscularity: There is a limit to how muscular you can get naturally based on your genetics. Many of the super muscular male bodies you see in the media are products of drugs. Instead of thinking of it as a limit, think of it as your personal best.
  • Realize you can't change your body type; learn to love and respect your body and to work with what you have. Invest time and money in yourself with flattering clothes, fitness equipment, haircuts, manicures, etc. Focus on how your clothes fit and how you feel - not on what you weigh.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others: Celebrate your body and the things you can do when you are fit and well-nourished. You may never (and probably shouldn't) be able to achieve the weight of that famous super-model. Focus on the unique qualities and personality traits that make you a special and successful person.
  • Nurture your inner self: Enjoy things you find relaxing like music, bubble baths, fragrances, massages, reading, gardening, sunsets, and/or seek spiritual connection through prayer, meditation, inspirational reading. Feeling good on the inside is key to feeling good on the outside.

Body image comes from our perception of ourselves based on what we think is ideal. Ignore the unreasonable outside influences of how you should look and work to enhance your already given attributes and learn to feel good about yourself.

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