Natural Hygiene
Natural Healing of the Body

Natural Hygiene (or Orthopathy) is a lifestyle that states the human body can and will heal itself if the causes of health are practiced.

For serious health concerns, it recommends being under the supervision of a Professional Practitioner.

Common theories are as follows:

  • The human body contains the power to heal itself (without medicine).
  • Disease exists when the body is prevented from healing itself.
  • Primary causes of disease are toxemia, stress, over working, over eating, taking unhealthy substances, etc.
  • Germs, bacteria, and viruses are not the primary cause of disease.
  • Medicines are poisions to the human body and are harmful.
  • Vaccinations are not effective, not safe and damage the immune system.
  • A correctly supervised fast causes the body's metabolism to help eliminate faulty cells and toxins and assist recovery.

Practitioners believe that people can get well by removing the causes of disease and allowing the body to eliminate toxins.


Determining the true cause of a so-called "disease" is not a vital part of Natural Hygiene, since the only true causes of "disease" is toxemia, or poisoning the body, which can be addressed with lifestyle factors.

A natural balanced lifestyle is encouraged while nerve energy destroying personal habits, such as worry, consuming stimulants, or taking vaccinations is discouraged.

According to advocate, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, the body enters a state of Autolysis or self-digestion, in about the fourth day of a well-supervised fast, in which the body begins to break down unnecessary cells, even "cancerous tissues" and eliminate them. But fasting can only address toxemia when practiced in balance with all the factors of health.

The duration of a well-supervised fast has to be determined by a highly qualified professional practitioner for each particular individual.


Fasting means eating nothing and drinking only pure water, generally distilled water and 24 hour bed-rest with the exception of toilet and absolutely necessary life-supporting tasks.

Professional practitioners often operate fasting clinics and fasting retreat centers.

Clients/Patients undergo fasts and then they are placed on a re-feeding program of gradually re-introduced raw whole foods for a length of time equal or greater than the number of days of their fast.

Natural Hygiene seems to be completely contrary to modern medicine in that the two systems are directly opposed to each other in many philosophies and practices. However, the most advanced practitioners know which services from modern medicine are actually necessary for life-saving actions for each individual concerned and would advocate utilizing life-or-death emergency care.

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